Amazon delivery man will try on your smalls in your bedroom

ONLINE mail order giants Amazon have launched a new service in which a delivery man will go into your bedroom and explore your underwear drawers.
The move adds an extra layer of convenience for busy customers who cannot be in when their items arrive.
CCTV supplied and fitted by Amazon will enable you to use an app to watch the delivery man go about his business in your home.
The new service is an extension to the existing Amazon Key, where customers have a smart lock on their front doors that can be opened by an operative with a unique electronic signal.
A camera in your hallway records the operative stepping inside, placing your package on the floor of your entrance area then leaving and locking up behind him.
Now you can get him to take off his boots, go into your bedroom, rummage around in your drawers and pull on your Friday night specials.
The extra personal touch is free for Amazon Prime members and £2.50 per item for others.
Customer Valerie Smuerk said: “Great idea. I’ve been trying to get my husband to do this for ages but he just isn’t interested. As long as the van chap folds them up properly afterwards, I’m in.”
Delivery man Bucephalus “Eggsy” Eggars said: “This will be big improvement to my working day. I’ve spent too many minutes standing around in the cold outside customers’ front doors trying on a range of un-gusseted hosiery. Goodbye to all that.”