Big Ben to become huge cuckoo clock in refit of Parliament

THE tower of Big Ben is to be equipped with a giant cuckoo clock mechanism, it was announced last night.
The project has been masterminded by high-ranking ministers in the Foreign Office working in partnership with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.
Big Ben, the great bell in Westminster’s Elizabeth Tower, has been silent since August 2017, apart from being called into action on Remembrance Day, and is not expected to ring out again until the end of four years of renovation.
Now the plan is to have its chimes accompanied by the sound of a cuckoo from speakers at the base of the tower pumping out 15,000 watts. Announcing the project, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: “This will give a firm message to the world that Britain is ready for a Swiss role outside the European Union.
“The giant cuckoo clock will become a much-loved London landmark like the Eye and the Millennium Dome.
“Further, it will showcase the best of British talent and ingenuity. Rolls-Royce will be engineering the mighty spring for the timepiece. Brian Eno will be composing a special ambient ‘cu-ckoo’ call that will be unique to our islands. And the cuckoo itself will be designed by a team composed of Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and Gilbert and George.
“Prepare to hail another Titanic success story. Let the British cuckoo go ‘cu-ckoo’.”