Bounty on Donald Trump’s head

The White House was engulfed in a fresh crisis last night after a picture emerged of a Bounty bar on Donald Trump’s head.
The President was heard raging at aides: “Who put it there? I want you to find out who did it and I want them annihilated.”
The success of the confectionary attack was a further blow to Mr Trump’s tottering credibility.
The FBI and CIA appeared to have no leads and are working together on theories that the placing of the Bounty on the President’s head might have been the work of agents operating under the direction of a foreign power.
Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il are possible primary suspects. It is thought both leaders would stand to gain by a further deterioration in the prestige of the US on the international stage.
If North Korea is found to be responsible it represents a serious upscaling of the country’s confectionary capabilities.
Mr Trump was said to be “too upset to tweet” last night. But according to observers the President’s mood was lifted by the presentation of a CIA plan to place a bag of Revels on Kim’s head.
Last year there were unconfirmed rumours that dissidents in Moscow managed to lower a rapidly melting Cornish Mivvi on to Mr Putin as he addressed the Federal Assembly.