Donald Trump blasts Nasser Hussain as worst England cricket captain

DONALD Trump has added to the controversy over his official visit to Britain by lambasting former England cricket captain Nasser Hussain.
In a series of tweets the US President said Hussain was “the worst ever England cricket captain. Sad! Pathetic!”
He went on: “Gower was a pussy-wussy but at least he could bat. I got a wife who can bat better than Hussain. I got a dog who can bowl better than Hussain. I got a daughter who can field better than Hussain.”
Prime Minister Theresa May responded: “What about that double century against Australia in 1997? Thirty-eight boundaries. Against Warne, McGrath and Gillespie.”
Mr Trump replied: “Never mind that stuff. Nasser Hussain made Pietersen look balanced. He made Boycott look like a team player. Bad hombre!”
The President’s criticisms echo those of his Republican predecessor George W Bush, who came within minutes of bombing Nasser Hussain in 2002 before White House aides talked him round.
In an attempt to build bridges with a view to trade deals post-Brexit, Mrs May is reported to have told the President in a phone call: “Let’s not forget Gatting. Gatting was captain for 11 home Tests between 1986 and 1988 and not a single win.”