Donald Trump cancels visit to Britain in protest at gender pay gap

US President Donald Trump has called off a visit to the UK – in disgust at the culture of unequal pay at the BBC.
He tweeted there was “NO way” he could be seen to endorse “a country where they treat their women like ****”.
The President had been expected to make a working visit to London for the opening of the new US embassy.
But he pulled out at the height of the row over the disparity in salaries between many men and women in senior roles at Broadcasting House.
He tweeted: “China Editor Carrie Gracie. Great lady. Stands down after getting paid a fraction of John Humphreys. Crude Dude. Shame. Me no like.”
A post from Trump much later that night read: “Melvyn Bragg. Cute hair. Why such low pay?”
But in an apparent contradiction he followed it up with: “Melvyn Bragg. Lock her up.”
White House officials in a morning press briefing clarified the President’s position by confirming that Melvyn Bragg was on a list of undesirable women who would not be allowed to travel to the US.
Trump made his first Bragg tweet before he was aware of the presenter’s status in Homeland Security files.
When corrected by an aide he is said to have flown into a rage, condemning Bragg as “Obama’s bunged-up pussy in Limey land”.
In a later development the President tweeted a denial that his pants were on fire, despite White House insiders confirming they witnessed Trump setting his own trousers alight.