Royal engagement special: Daily Mail editor bites his lip off

THE editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail was taken to hospital after biting off his own lip while overseeing the paper’s special royal engagement coverage.
He reportedly fell ill as he viewed proofs of the 24-page souvenir magazine hailing the betrothal of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.
Staff believe he became queasy at the sight of so many glossy colour pictures of a member of the highest family in the land with his dark-haired American bride-to-be.
They think he had a bad reaction to Prince Harry’s intention to marry a “modern” woman whose grandparents did not all come from the same place.
As the nation celebrated, the editor-in-chief became agitated when assistants suggested they avoided republishing the Mail’s online headline of November 2016 which referred to Meghan as “outta Compton”.
He looked off-colour as the editorial conference discussed how “multicultural” Meghan would become an influential establishment figure.
Her opinion might carry weight in discussions of who should receive a knighthood or a baronetcy.
The editor-in-chief’s eyes flickered and he appeared to utter a profanity at each of the words “actress” and “divorced”.
There was a similar response to “feminist” and “intelligent woman”.
One staffer who was at the meeting and does not wish to be named told the Daily Goggle: “He’d been biting his lip, like, really hard and it was reddening.
“At some point someone remembered our article suggesting you’d have a better chance of winning Bake Off if you made a chocolate mosque.
“The idea was that Nadiya Hussain would do the mosque as Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding cake and we would sponsor it.
“Suddenly there was blood everywhere and someone said, ‘Oh my God it’s his lip.’
“Luckily there was a first aider in the room. The hospital said later they could sew it back on and he’d be back at his desk in no time. Phew.”