White House attacks outbreak of flake news

The White House yesterday responded to a report that a man had inserted a chocolate bar into an ice cream cornet – by dismissing it as: “Flake news.”
In a series of late-night tweets, Donald Trump said: “It didn’t happen. There was no Ice cream. There was no chocolate.”
But the denials only served to fuel rumours of a high-level conspiracy that began to gain mainstream traction after the mysterious death of an ice-cream salesman in 2012.
Pathologists were baffled but it was noted that the body was found covered in hundreds-and-thousands, also known in various regions as jimmies or sprinkles.
One officer at the scene was reported to have said: “It looks like he’s topped himself.”
Investigators are working on a tip-off that the chocolate bar was inserted into the ice cream by an agent of the left-wing activist group Charter 99.