Zimbabwe Britons flee homes after Boris Johnson advises them to stay in

THE 20,000-plus British citizens living in crisis-hit Zimbabwe burst out of their front doors in response to Boris Johnson advising them it was safer inside.
The Foreign Secretary issued the warning after an apparent military coup had ended the reign of dictator Robert Mugabe.
As troops and armoured vehicles patrolled the capital Harare, they were joined by Britons keen to stand outside their residences.
One said: “We don’t want to end up like that woman in Iran. If Johnson says it’s safer indoors then we know we are better off out here.”
The move is a stark example of the recent tendency of Britons abroad to do the opposite of what the Foreign Secretary recommends.
After he assumed office in July 2016 Mr Johnson told the expat community in Zimbabwe: “I urge you to eat your soup before it gets cold and put your trousers on over your underpants.”
Businessman Roger Smeurk, who has lived in the African country for 12 years, said: “Cold soup became de rigueur. My FO chum Binky described the expat crowd as the Vichyssoise regime. Heh, heh.
“Waiting for the soup to get cold was an inconvenience and it didn’t really do much for oxtail. But the tomato was all right, just think of it as gazpacho. With mushroom soup, the memsahib just whisked it up with a little gelatine and called it mushroom mousse.”
He added: “One did feel bit of a twerp walking down Harare High Street with the underpants on the outside. But it worked. We survived.”